Our school

School profile

  • Headmaster: Mr Mannsfeld
  • Deputy: Mr Yapar
  • 30 teachers
  • 25 child minders
  • 4 other assistants
  • School secretary: Mrs Redlich, Mrs Kluge
  • Chairman of Parents' Association: Mrs Langowski

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The primary school “Grundschule im Panketal“ was established in September 1995. The first lesson began with 27 pupils and 3 teachers. Back then it was the most modern school in Berlin.

At the moment about 590 pupils attend our school. It provides education for children aged 5 to 12.
It offers 24 pupils classes, superb facilities and a dedicated teaching staff.
Teachers and support staff seek to create the right environment and opportunities, i.e. to provide  outstanding education. Many others contribute towards this process as well. Our behaviour policy was decided on by the whole staff working together and is based on the principles and values that we seek to  promote in our school.

The primary school “Grundschule im Panketal” emphasizes sports, for example football and volleyball. The children are not only encouraged to enjoy sport, but also music, art and drama. They learn the benefits of teamwork through sport, drama, dance and music - the chapel choir is particularly strong.
Other facilities are a library, a modelling room, two computer rooms, language laboratory, art room, a music room, separate recreation rooms, soft play areas, a dining hall, an auditorium, playing fields and playgrounds. There is also a sports hall housing.

All children have the right to an education, which offers them the best opportunities to work, be happy and  make good progress. An unending craving for learning is supported by having the opportunities to explore, to know, to do, to share and to be. This is typical of our school.

Our school also attend pupils with special educational needs (multiple learning difficulties or physical disabilities). We offer remedial teaching.
Our school is suitable for disabled pupils as well. It was particularly designed, staffed and resourced to provide the appropriate special and individualized education for children with special needs.

We are a school that is friendly and caring and we provide an excellent education and opportunities for our pupils to make the most of their potential.